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CEO John Roa Unveils AnthologyAI and The Future of Ethical Consumer Intelligence

May 15, 2024

Introducing AnthologyAI. Our CEO, John Roa, unveils a new brand AnthologyAI, the single most efficient, accurate, and actionable source of consumer intelligence ever built. We monitor global consumer trends 24/7 without compromising privacy through PII, identity resolution, or other invasive methods. Read his note below.

The world is changing.

Much needed privacy regulations and changes in tracking transparency have stewarded in the greatest disruption in the history of digital. Valuable consumer data is no longer an unregulated asset that can be "acquired" by any means possible.

Dark patterns, unethical acquisition and unlawful tracking are being snuffed out. Explicit consent is now the name of the game, presented to a user transparently. Ethically-sourced first-party data has become the most valuable asset in the world, hampering personalization, addressability, measurement, activation, modeling, and analysis for anyone who doesn't have it.

Compliance is now mission-critical. As regulation and enforcement ramps up, misusing consumer data will no longer be a firm warning. It could be an existential threat to an enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence has accelerated and exasperated this paradigm shift. Fundamental questions on provenance (where did we get this data?), ownership (who really owns this data?) and intellectual property (who has rights to use this data?) have invaded every enterprise trying to train an AI model.

The path through this disruption is nuanced and complicated. But a handful of things are explicit truth:

1) Better data comes from engaging users directly. Give them control over the process. Let them decide who gets their data, and give them something of high value in exchange, like cash. Make the whole system happen above-board. Be clear about what is being exchanged, who gets what, and make the process of reversing that decision simple.

2) Evolve from identity resolution to cohorts. The concept of needing to know someones actual identity to serve them an advertisement or build a propensity model is outdated — and creepy. Instead, with enough understanding at the cohort level, we are able to better understand user intent and preference, without ever needing to resolve identity.

At AnthologyAI, we've rearchitected efficient consumer data acquisition by putting the user in the middle of the process. Via our app Caden, we allow users to be in control of their personal data, and if they explicitly choose to, they can monetize it by sharing their anonymous data with us. It's a simple value proposition on top of immensely complex technology—the only way for us to ensure security, privacy and accuracy.

The result is, in our humble opinion, the single most efficient, accurate and actionable source of consumer intelligence ever built. We have our finger on the pulse of global consumerism, 24 hours per day, without PII, identity resolution or any other privacy-invading techniques.

The AI models we've trained our tens of billions of ethically-sourced data points on have a complete understanding of consumer behavior. We can predict inflation as easily as we can predict how many people will walk across a certain street corner in Manhattan in six months. We can model likelihood of churn as easily as we can probabilities that a certain film or TV show will do well.

We've changed the consumer intelligence game by leading with trust, ethics and intelligence, wrapped in bleeding-edge technology.

Get in touch if you'd like to join us on this journey.

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