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Access the first unified AI platform that delivers compliant consumer data with deep, realtime context, powered by advanced predictive models.

AnthologyAI is the breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Consumer Insights & Predictions Platform with billions of  realtime data points, sourced directly and ethically from consumers. Access previously unavailable levels of intelligence about retail spending, geolocation, media consumption, travel, ride sharing and more — in realtime, at scale.

Powerful, Predictive & Signal-Rich


100 Million Data Points, Per Day

Via our app Caden, we ethically acquire over 100 million datapoints every day from a diverse and representative anonymous panel of American consumers. This data covers the full spectrum of consumer behavior—retail purchases, personal finance, travel, media consumption, precise geolocation (w.POI), music & podcasts, and much more.


A One-of-a-Kind Graph

Our proprietary technology is designed to do the heavy lifting across billions of consumer actions + advanced AI decision intelligence modeling so businesses can easily understand causation and identify correlation across millions of consumer behavioral actions daily.


Endlessly Predictive Consumer Insight

AnthologyAI empowers businesses across industries—from retail to banking— regardless of their internal data capabilities, to predict market dynamics and consumer behaviors with unparalleled precision by leveraging our predictive AI models.

Interoperable for Enterprise & Startups

AnthologyAI's platform is available through an API storefront for realtime interactions, various data platforms for model aggregations (Databricks, Snowflake, GC, AWS) and streaming in realtime (Kafka).

Our Models

PRSM-1 — our decision intelligence technology & proprietary models platform — is able to deliver quantifiable decisions by understanding the past, predicting the future, and enabling new levels of intelligence about consumers.

Our models enable the world’s most innovative companies to see beyond the numbers, easily find signals in our near real-time consumer data, stimulate scenarios, and drive tomorrow’s business outcomes.


Create new datasets for testing, training, analysis, cohort targeting and more.

By reproducing datasets from Anthology’s billions of known consumer behaviors business, Generate harnesses transactional, viewership, and geospatial data to deliver unparalleled insights and advanced audience targeting solutions for businesses looking to leverage both our proprietary consumer data and our AI models.

Generate Historical: Aggregated consumer data sets with lookbacks from 3 months to 3 years

Generate Synthetic: Build custom synthetic audiences generated from our knowledge graph that houses over 10.7B relationships. 


Enhance and improve your existing data sets to fill gaps and improve predictive modeling. 

Enrich optimizes businesses’ existing data sets and models. Businesses seeking a more comprehensive understanding of their existing and future customers use Enrich to enhance, plug data gaps and improve predictive modeling across their owned data-sets.

By enriching their consumer data, businesses improve their data quality and context — adding predictive and propensity metrics that extend beyond customer behavior within their product ecosystem. 


Predict is able to predict a future behavior from virtually any consumer behavioral context. From recommending the right brand based off past shopping behavior or the potential association of brands across categories, Predict uses the past to see the future.

Predict can be consumed in realtime on a user-to-user basis (for instance, personalization the shopping experience onsite) or to understand macro concepts like the movement of a stock ticker or consumer trends.

For Alternative Data Firms

Enhance Investment strategies with in-depth comparative insights into specific equities or categories with comprehensive access to a richer, data-driven understanding of consumer decisions that inform market dynamics.

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For Retail, Media & Travel

Leaders hyper-focused on understanding consumer behaviors harness our predictive models to improve propensity and churn programs, drive advertising decisions, make targeting recommendations, and much more.

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Our mission is to democratize access to the world's most ethical & accurate consumer data set

Since the 1990s the single most valuable digital asset has been consumer data. It underwrites trillions of dollars in enterprise value with companies like Google & Meta. It is the primary fuel of industries ranging from advertising to retail to investing.

And in 2024, it has become stringent, expensive, inaccurate and high-risk, due to global privacy laws, third-party cookie deprecation and a lack of “AI-readiness”.We have spent the last three years building the single most efficient, ethical and accurate consumer data acquisition funnel ever created — by buying data directly from users, in realtime, at scale.

Today we are poised to redraw the boundaries of what data can reveal and foretell about the world. AnthologyAI will transform consumer data ethically sourced from into enterprise solutions, focused on personalization, predictions, behavioral enrichment, and audience building. 

We are unique in the AI space by owning and controlling all of our training data, and focusing on fact-based decision making for the enterprise, rather than generative language or augmented AI tasks.


Raised from top venture capital investors around the world


Full-time Anthologists (in the office!)

Days at work


Proudly headquartered in Manhattan, New York

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We work with the most progressive, technology-enabled, ethically-minded corporations who want to rethink how we collect and make decisions from consumer behavioral data. Our platform fulfills hundreds of different use cases. Want to see how we can bring new consumer intelligence to your business? Get in touch with our strategic development team.